Shipping costs

Are your ready for the final spurt? We finish the year with some deals, almost too good to be true. Peeps, let's get ready to rumble!

First off – ding ding ding – free deliveries! Valid until 31.12.2019.
Literature and parcel delivery: from 500 $
Freight shipment: from 1,500 $

North American orders are drop-shipped directly from our German location and will arrive via FedEx International Priority service; which takes approximately 2-4 business days for parcel and freight shipments. Please note this is not a guaranteed service and does not account for any unforseen delays. Deliveries will be only on business days as well. 

FedEx overnight service is unfortunately not available for us to offer.

IMPORTANT: Our shipping costs do not include customs duty or handling fees. As all North American bound orders are international shipments from Germany your invoice is exempt from all of your country's sales tax. Therefore, any and all applicable customs and brokerage fees will be your responsibility via FedEx or from your chosen customs broker. Please note that FedEx requires a signature release for all international deliveries.


   Parcel shipment

A regular parcel order cannot include any freight items.
Free delivery from 500 $
(weight independent)

Up to 2.205 lbs 24.00 CAD
Up to 4.409 lbs 36.00 CAD
Up to 6.614 lbs 47.00 CAD
Up to 8.818 lbs 59.00 CAD
Up to 13.228 lbs 69.00 CAD
Up to 17.637 lbs 79.00 CAD
Up to 22.046 lbs 89.00 CAD
Up to 33.0693 lbs 99.00 CAD
Up to 33.0693 lbs 149.00 CAD


   Freight shipment

An order that contains a freight item along with any parcel item(s) will arrive entirely via freight service.
Free delivery from 1,500 $
(weight independent)

Up to 22.046 lbs 138.00 CAD
Up to 44.092 lbs 151.00 CAD
Up to 66.139 lbs 227.00 CAD
Up to 88.184 lbs 291.00 CAD
Up to 110.231lbs 355.00 CAD
Up to 154.324 lbs 546.00 CAD
Up to 198.416 lbs 737.00 CAD
Up to 264.555 lbs 864.00 CAD
Up to 264.555 lbs 991.00 CAD
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Due to the high order volume delays in delivery may occur. Thank you for your understanding!