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Roll-off device V3 / V3 XL
Roll-off device V3 / V3 XL
Use the full potential of the GraphicWall V3 or V3 XL
Item no.: 0135.0200
CAD 277.50 *
Set of bags for GraphicWall LW-X
Set of bags for GraphicWall LW-X
Special bundle price! - Bag for carrying up to four LW-X panels and a padded LW-X TripodBag...
Item no.: 9100.0088
CAD 358.50 *
LW-X Rolling Casters 2.0
LW-X Rolling Casters 2.0
The black scissor-folding caster wheels for your LW-X GraphicWall.
Item no.: 0131.5001
CAD 178.50 *
LW-X TripodBag
Padded LW-X TripodBag has been specially created to safely transport the retractable tripods...
Item no.: 8202.0211
CAD 160.50 *
LW-X FlipChart Paper Holder
Turn your LW-X into a multi-functioning board with this clip on accessory to create a...
Item no.: 0131.2100
CAD 96.45 *
LW-X Frame Edge Set
Set for LW-X GraphicWall when not using the Paper Winders.
Item no.: 0131.1100
CAD 104.10 *
LW-X Paper Winder Set
To be used with White Pinpoard Paper Roll attached on the LW-X GraphicWall.
Item no.: 0131.3100
CAD 763.50 *
LW-X Tripods
Height adjustable tripods for the LW-X GraphicWall.
Item no.: 0131.4000
CAD 366.00 *
LW-X Board Element
LW-X Board Element
Single LW-X board element to create your own LW-X system.
Item no.: 0131.0100
from CAD 174.00 *
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