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Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard, 5/color sets

Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard in convenient sets of 5, including a RefillBox

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Item characteristics

Nib: round nib
Auszeichnung: German Design Award Good Design Award
Ink formula: alcohol-based
Use on: Whiteboard/Film Slickynotes®
Assorting: set
Marker-Type: Neuland FineOne®
The Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard has a soft round nib of 1 mm and is available in ten different... more
Item information

The Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard has a soft round nib of 1 mm and is available in ten different colors.

You can use it on small boards and film, including myWorkBoard or Estatics. But the marker is also a fine tool for large formats when you want to draw thin lines and write small texts, for instance.

Besides the ergonomic handling and the clear shape, the Neuland FineOne® focuses on sustainability. Thanks to our proven system, the marker can be refilled through a membrane at the colored end of it, and the nib can be replaced as well. The allrounder guarantees high durability and lots of fun while using the marker! This Neuland Marker can simply be refilled with RefillOne whiteboard ink. The exact color code can be found on the housing next to the icons, which is particularly important when refilling the marker.

Please note – for all whiteboard markers:
When using the whiteboard markers on special coating, for example on dry-erasable whiteboard wall paint, please comply with the respective manufacturer’s recommendation. The ink needs to be fully dry before erasing it to avoid smearing and color layers.

Available sets of 5 Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard:
Set WU1
5x Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard in black
Set No. W1
1 each of Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard in red, blue, green, and 2 in black
Set No. W5
1 each of Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard in black, grey, red, green and blue
Set No. W6
1 each of Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard in turquoise, light green, orange, violet and pink

And those who like to add a personal touch to their markers can now even personalize the Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard with their own message.

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Technical specifications:

5 Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard in our convenient RefillBox
Housing and cover made of PP
Alcohol-based ink, dry-erasable
Round nib, line width: 1 mm

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Customer evaluation for "Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard, 5/color sets"
26 Apr 2022

sehr gute Qualität

Ich habe vor einiger Zeit die FineOne WhiteBoard Marker (Set W6) gekauft und bin sehr zufrieden, ich nutze sie hauptsächlich auf den Estatics.
Alle Stifte funktionieren top, nur der Lilafarbene ist trocken. Da ich die Stifte im November (oder so) gekauft habe und nur kurz getestet habe, kann es sein, dass bei diesem die Kappe nicht richtig saß, alle anderen Stifte schreiben jedenfalls sehr gut.
Ich werde mir wohl demnächst noch ein zweites Set besorgen. Inclusive Nachfülltinte ;)

Neuland 5 May 2022

Hallo Sarah,

vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie zufrieden mit unseren Produkten sind und wir bald wieder eine Bestellung für Sie packen können.

Wenn die Kappe nicht 100% sitzt und der Stift lange nicht benutzt wird, kann es passieren, dass die Spitze oder der Marker austrocknet. Aber alles ist noch nicht verloren, denn wir kennen unsere Neuland Marker gut. Wenn das innere des Markers nicht trocken ist, genügt es oftmals die Spitze anzufeuchten und ihn mit etwas Nachfülltinte wieder in Gang zu bringen. 

Ihr Neuland-Team

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Markers & More

Can I write on paper with whiteboard makers? Can I use markers for paper on whiteboards?

Whiteboard markers bleed heavily through paper and quickly get empty. Possibly the tip also wears off quickly. Avoid writing on whiteboards with markers for paper. They possibly smear and are difficult to remove.

The Outliner is clogged. What can I do?

The outliner has a different ink composition that can cause clogging if residual ink remains in the needle or the bulb (rinse the needle with water after each use to prevent residual ink from remaining in it).

What’s the difference between the "normal black" and the Outliner?

The Outliner (color code: 010) has a special water based ink that doesn’t smear or blur when painted over with another marker. It’s particularly suitable for contours that remain clean and sharp when colored afterwards. Otherwise with the black lines of the "normal black" (color code: 100), they can quickly become blurry and dirty after subsequent coloring.

Find here an explainer video in our YouTube channel.

Is the BigOne also available as a WhiteboardMarker?

No. Many customers buy the empty marker and fill it with whiteboard ink (but we can’t guarantee).

What’s the shadow marker?

This means the color “grey“ (color code: 101). Mostly the Neuland BigOne® is ordered.

Are your markers refillable and how does it work?

Neuland markers are refillable. Find detailed instructions here.

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